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Collection of rental fees and property management

The administration fee shall be payable by the tenant unless specifically otherwise agreed. The collection fee is payable by the lessor to the agent on moneys collected. Ancillary charges such as Local Authority assessment rates, electricity, water, sanitation, refuse removal (but excluding deposits) collected by the agent shall be treated as collections and be subject to the same tariff.

1. Collect rent and ancillary charges from tenant.

2. Exercise reasonable credit control in respect of all amounts owing by the tenant.

3. Control all labour employed in the managed premises, including payments on behalf of the lessor of salaries and wages.

4. Inspect the building periodically and submit reports to the lessor.

5. Arrange for repairs and general maintenance for the account of the lessor.

6. Pay from the rent collected, all expenses incurred in the administration of the building.

7. Endeavour to recover costs of repair or replacements necessary, where a tenant has damaged the property.

8. Submit rent roll and accounts to the lessor.